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Taking your first solo cruise

If you look through photos online of cruise holidays you’ll see happy honeymooners, older couples, families and groups of friends. However, you would be surprised to know just how many people choose to book a solo cruise holiday.

Whether they can’t find anyone to join them, can’t get the same holiday dates as family or simply want to have some fully indulgent time alone, there are many reasons why people choose to cruise solo. If you are considering your first solo cruise, you are in for a real treat. Here are a few things to consider before you go.

Set your goals

Why do you want to go on a solo cruise? Is it to meet new people, see a particular place, get out your comfort zone or have some serious down time? Whatever you decide your goals are, make this the focus of the cruise you book.

Be selfish

The best thing about taking a solo cruise is not having to think about anyone else and this being absolutely fine. If you are used to running around other people, or sacrificing some of what you want to do for someone else, now is the time to stop. You can do everything that you want and no one will be there to tell you not to. Look through the whole itinerary and on board activities and book everything that you want to do in advance, no matter what it is.

Investigate meet-ups

If you are looking to meet new people, or at least have some company while you are on holiday, find out what the cruise ship offers by way of meet ups. Some ships will have specific activities for solo travellers that you can go along to. Otherwise, getting involved in any of the on board activities will soon find you some new friends.

Leave your worries behind

It can be intimidating to head to the bars or restaurants by yourself, or take part in the activities. But everyone is there to have a good time and no one will be judging you for being brave enough to go solo, many will be envious. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you should go somewhere or do something as your fellow passengers will be friendly and you will find plenty of people to talk to.