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Pack like a cruise pro

You can spot an experienced cruiser from the items that they either bring, or don’t bring with them. Packing for a cruise is a risky business, as you don’t want to be without anything, but you don’t want to take too much, as cabins aren’t always particularly spacious.


An experienced cruiser will have a good selection of layered clothing, that can be made to look casual by the pool, or more formal for dinner, such as a dress that looks smart with a belt and jewellery, or casual just as it is.


Shoes are probably the bulkiest items that you will pack, so take as few as possible. You will want a pair of trainers for excursions and possibly the gym (but we won’t hold it against you if you don’t use the gym), some sandals for day-to-day wear that can also be used for informal dining and a pair of formal shoes, if you will be formal dining. Don’t be tempted to pack extra.


Smart cruise travellers and gadget lovers always bring adaptors with them so they can charge multiple gadgets at once, as there are not always sufficient outlets in the cabin, especially if you a sharing with another tech-connoisseur.

A good day bag

A good backpack for excursions, or even just heading to the pool will make all the difference to your trip. Something that is big enough for towels, a drink and a book, but small enough to fit inside your suitcase, or be used as your carry-on.

Extra storage

If you like to be organised and keep your cabin shipshape, then pack an over-door shoe storage system, that is small and light enough for your suitcase, but will make all the difference to keeping toiletries etc organised in your cabin.